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Catapulting Commissions Sales Talk with Anthony Garcia

Aug 30, 2022

You see, hitting your sales goal and guaranteeing that you're going to hit your sales goal is a huge confidence booster. And here's the confidence booster you need in order to guarantee that you hit your sales goal in the next year. You need one simple word on a consistent basis in your life. And that word, my friend, is accountability. 

And Catapulting Commission Sales Academy provides you with the accountability to hit your goals.

Goals and accountability

How many of you have scheduled or how many of you have set a New Year's resolution and didn't hit it? Right now, virtually, I'm seeing nine out of ten of you raising your hands, because that's what the data says. 92% of all New Year's resolutions are never hitting.

They fail. They don't succeed. The American Society of Training and Development recently issued some data that says, if you have a goal and you commit to someone to achieve your goal, you've given yourself a 65% better chance at achieving that goal. And if you come into the Catapulting Commissions Academy, we create those accountability groups for you.

We create those systems for you so you can be held accountable. You join the group program, and we are going to push you to what you said you were going to do. I don't know about you, but I definitely want a 65% chance of improvement in hitting my sales goal. So to simply do that, get some accountability. 

Where to find accountability

The reasons you don't get accountability are you’re sometimes embarrassed to ask for it, you don't have a system in place, or your sales manager isn't giving you the accountability. And micromanaging the spreadsheets and accountability are two different things. So get someone that's going to hold you accountable and come join the workshop.

Instead, come join the Academy. For those that are overachievers and exclusively in the Academy, I have rejected one on one coaching directly through me for a really long time. If I'm coaching somebody, it's because they've been referred to me through an organization that I do contract work with. They are working with me through the branding organization I do work with. But to get directly to me for the sales coaching, I have told everybody, no, the only way you get access to that is through the Catapult and Commissions Academy.

And here's why that's important. If you have a scheduled appointment with someone to hold you accountable, say a coach, a weekly appointment, a monthly appointment, whatever it is, you have a 95% increased chance of achieving that goal. 95% is damn near guaranteed for me. I want to hit that goal. I have health and wellness goals, and right now, I have accountability through the Crossing gym I work out in. It's not always fun I got to be honest. Accountability kind of sucks. However, the results are happening, and I want to help you get those same results in your business. At a bare minimum, give yourself a 65% chance.

Get in a group. Get in the accountability system.

Get in with us at the Catapulting Commissions Academy. We wanted to put together a program that was robust, based on science and data guaranteed to make a change in your life. And that's what we've built. The introduction to that is the Catapulting Commissions workshop.

It's a two-day workshop at $17. If, for whatever reason, you don't like it, let us know. We will refund you 100% of the money, no questions asked. If you can't make the live recordings and still sign up, you'll get copies of the books, you get all the workbooks, and you'll still get the opportunity to learn about the Catapulting Commissions Sales Academy. This exclusive academy has only gotten to, or only applied through, joining the workshops.

After the workshop, you get the opportunity to join me or someone on my team for a brief call. We outline the details of the twelve-month program. We guarantee the results we're going to deliver for you. So come and join us for that Academy workshop so you can guarantee you hit your sales goal in the next year. Register here!