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Catapulting Commissions Sales Talk with Anthony Garcia

Feb 19, 2020

Welcome back to the Catapulting Commissions podcast with your host, Anthony Garcia. Today, Anthony is sitting down with Jamil Fraizer, motivational speaker, author, certified health coach, personal development coach, and founder and CEO of Think Life Is Different, Inc. His coaching network has served over 50,000 clients and is growing -- but his impact didn't always look this way. Now he dedicates his life to guide individuals and organizations to achieve financial independence, healthy minds and bodies, and thriving relationships.


Jamil is on the show today to talk a bit about his business, Think Life Is Different, Inc. His business strives to give people and businesses solutions for some of the shortcomings that may arrive when running a direct sales organization. Often times a major issue is as simple as dissatisfaction. Where they currently are isn’t where they hope they’d be. People are always searching for more, but feel stuck. The solutions Jamil and his business provide can help unstick their clients. He helps people achieve success beyond the physical. Think Life Is Different becomes their team.


Anthony and Jamil talk about the massive network Jamil has built and the top two keys that got him there. The first? Incredible desire. The second? Relinquishing the ego. They discuss what can trigger the series of events that set off inspiration or desperation. Some people just “have it.”


They switch gears to talk about Jamil’s book, “The Richest Man In Direct Sales.” Jamil talks about the root of his book and how his dedication to the grind formed his character. His commitment to providing value eventually led him to increase his earnings by not limiting his mindset. Teaching everyone to have ears to listen and eyes to see. Watching and helping people who were struggling financially sparked his passion to educate and inform his clients through his book. Jamil talks about his extra push that got him through his most desperate times.


Later on, Anthony picks Jamil’s brain on financial savviness. His principles include finding and establishing a mentor, making the choice to be financially healthy, paying yourself first, giving, saving, and investing, and percentage-based mentalities.


Finally, Jamil talks about what it takes to achieve what he has.


What You’ll Learn


In today’s episode, Jamil will share with you his story, how he built a network of over 50,000 clients, some of his key principles he writes about in his book, and a simple way to segment your earnings to build wealth.



Youtube and Instagram: @ThinkLifeIsDifferent

Personal Instagram: @therealjamilfrazier

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