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Catapulting Commissions Sales Talk with Anthony Garcia

Jul 29, 2020

Welcome back to the Catapulting Commissions show with Anthony Garcia. Did you know you have 12 superpowers hidden within you? Yes, you. Maybe you’ve felt them under the surface but haven’t been able to manifest those shifts. Today, Anthony is sitting down with Jamil Frazier, motivational speaker, author, certified health coach, personal development coach, and founder and CEO of Think Life Is Different, Inc. His coaching network has served over 50,000 clients and is growing -- but his impact didn’t always look this way. Now he dedicates his life to guide individuals and organizations to achieve financial independence, healthy minds and bodies, and thriving relationships.

Jamil just launched his second book of 2020, “The Twelve Shifts: Your Superpowers.” Everything about those 12 shifts applies to sales leaders. The book is a love letter to his 31-year-old self. That person was doing everything right--he had to job, the family, and the life he thought he wanted. In reality, he was broken on so many levels. He sought fulfillment, and on that journey, he started having ‘shifts.’ These moments were where he realized he wasn’t on a path of wellbeing. So, he outlined those 12 shifts to share with the world.

He talks about how to start making that shift. In fact, the first shift is a reminder that you have superpowers. As Jamil built his business, he realized that he had a superpower that set him apart from every other creature--he has consciousness and his thoughts. The problem was that he was using and thinking other people’s thoughts. These can be given to you from anyone--from your parents to your elementary school bully. The first shift is to understand that you deserve yourself.

It’s important to recognize the thoughts that say “my background prevents me from doing this” or “this is what I am supposed to do because of my situation.” We all have that system built-in. The key is getting to the point where you become the observer of your own thoughts. That starts with getting intimate with exactly what they want. What would you want the day you reach your goal to look like? Once you have that consciousness, then you can question those negative thoughts. Do you think it’s a typhoon every time it rains? Leveling up is the same way.

Jamil discusses some of his favorite shifts in his book. One of them is “do your own damn push-ups.” This is saying that you are responsible for everything that happens to you, positive and negative. Often times, people redirect blame onto others without realizing it. Our brains are designed to protect us. We don’t want to walk around feeling like crap about ourselves. What Jamil is saying that you have to be ready to graduate. Don’t ever give your power away--the universe is giving you feedback, so listen! You only learn these lessons when you accept responsibility for failure.

Another shift is “Growth = Pain.” Most people have the desire to improve, but most people can’t do much better than they are doing now. The truth is, you CAN have more, but it’s not for free. You WILL experience pain, a loss of revenue, haters, people not understand. Many people don’t want the pain, they only want the blessings. You have to struggle first to experience that growth. You need to pursue obstacles. That’s how you learn about who you really are.

Finally, Jamil shares his favorite shift. It’s “Find Your Twelve.” This is an encouragement to find that abundance mindset. Tune in to find out what this means and how you can apply it to your life right now.


What you’ll learn

On today’s show, Jamil shares with us the premise for his second book of 2020, “The Twelve Shifts: Your Superpowers.” He breaks down a few of his favorite shifts and explains how we can apply them to our professional sales careers.



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