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Catapulting Commissions Sales Talk with Anthony Garcia

Sep 14, 2022

The real estate industry is a tough one to be in, but if you're someone who's really committed and competitive about their work then it'll show. In this episode, I chat with Loida Velasquez about how she was able to achieve exponential growth as an agent for years now! Take notes because we talk about real estate -from motivation to online presence– and what would make or break your success in the real estate business!

Tune in as we talk about:

  • Pivoting to a real estate career
  • How to stay motivated in the real estate industry
  • Should you start your real estate career during these uncertain times?
  • Why you should commit to personal professional development
  • How does your online presence affect your career in real estate
  • How to create online content in the real estate industry
  • Why do people fail in their real estate career
  • How to be successful in the real estate business

Meet Loida Velasquez

Loida is a real estate agent with Team BC of eXp Realty in Southern California. She specializes in helping homeowners to sell their properties, no matter what type of market they are in. Through her vast social media presence, marketing, and negotiation skills, Loida is an agent well known in the industry that'll do whatever it takes to ensure her clients get the best results they are looking for best prices and terms.

She is a great real estate agent who helps thousands of agents subscribed to her YouTube channel, where she provides Real estate-related content.

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