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Catapulting Commissions with Anthony Garcia

Dec 30, 2020

This is a reposting of Episode 34 & 35 featuring Chris Ross as a part of Catapulting Commissions' Best of 2020 series. It features a new introduction from Anthony where he talks about the episode and the exciting things to come in 2021. 



Today’s guest is an incredible Sales Leader, Chris Ross. He’s lead corporations to award-winning and high-performance sales teams, as well as pioneered profitable business development programs for his own companies that are Nationally Accredited. He specializes in training international business executives, companies, and corporations on methods, techniques he has developed over the years on adopting both sides of the buyer-seller relationships. He’s here today to break down how he’s breaking records and performing at the highest level. 


Winning is something we discuss all the time. Chris embraces the losing more than “winning”. You don’t win or lose, you win or learn, according to Chris. You either have a quitting mentality or a winning mentality--and when you take a break, someone else will catch you. Having an abundance mentality allows you to put in the work without worrying about the haters or the accolades. It isn’t a finite game--as long as there are resources to continue, it’s crucial to get better. It’s one long game, Anthony adds. 


Chris talks about his practices to get just 1% better every day. While it’s different for everyone, it’s important to have an overall goal--that will change with time. Your goals will uplevel and get bigger as you experience more success. Equally as important is having a target you can chase. The hardest battle Chris wins is at 5 am when he makes the choice to get to work and win. He removes distractions--phones and other people’s wants and needs. Then, he can attack the day by starting with a plan set in place the night before. Sure, somedays you get knocked out, but that’s why you prepare to adapt and adjust. Small, incremental improvements lead to massive changes. Making progress means you’ve gotten a win. If you focus on where you’ve failed, it can ruin you over time. 


Progress is made when no one is looking. For Chris, being the Michael Jordan of sales means being 100% authentic within himself. He’s studied every sales technique there is and just found himself poking holes in it. Having a conversation from a script isn’t authentic nor is it useful. Ask yourself what you can do differently--how can you stand out? It’s not about reading and regurgitating information and methods--it’s about adapting information to your experience and the individual you’re talking to. Every person has a different story tied to different emotions. In fact, the two skills Chris says are essential to learn: anchoring and framing. If there is a negative response to something, re-anchoring the feeling into a positive emotion and reframing the situation to a beneficial one is a much easier way to communicate. This can only happen if it comes from a place that’s authentic. It allows you to pivot and move forward with the conversation. 


Chris breaks down how we can eliminate buyer’s remorse for potential sales by dissolving the “pitch.” He sets standards for his conversations and brings the client to them. When you take the decision away from the client and take it upon yourself as the salesperson, you want it more. From the start, focus on what’s in the buyer’s best interest. What barriers are there for them to make a purchase? Beyond that, the language that is used in marketing is foundationally important. The phrase “for those who qualify” immediately shifts the power to the salesperson. Recommending a customer can turn them into a life-long client.  


Anthony and Chris talk about what it means to be selective about the people they work with and what it means to truly help a person in the most meaningful way possible. They dissect the relationship between a coach and a client and how it can be beneficial for everyone if everyone is 100% committed. 

Chris is in the process of expanding his organization, Winject. This endeavor has spearheads teaching companies and corporations on his methodology and aligning his sales process to increase sales numbers to astronomical transformation. His success as a salesperson is transferred into any industry--but he reminds us what he mentioned last week; you need to prove that you’re in for the long-haul. To see success, you have to approach with intention.