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Catapulting Commissions with Anthony Garcia

Apr 22, 2020

Today, we’re going to take sales, sales enthusiasm, sales leadership, and sales skills to a whole new level. Anthony’s guest on this week’s episode of the Catapulting Commissions podcast is Eneida Canev. She is a speaker, author, coach, and connector. Not only does she have 18 years of experience in sales leadership, but she’s also started a business from the ground up and runs a team of over 10,000 sales agents. Eneida founded HerSalesResource, a sales a speaking company that specializes in live events, network events, as well as cultural and tactical training workshops. Anthony is sitting down with her to pick her brain about everything sales as we navigate through the COVID-19 pandemic.

Eneida reminds us early on that we are going to see some people come out of this situation much better off than they were before. It’s absolutely possible to continue to make money during this crisis. You just have to be intentional about it and make the choice. While it’s certainly not business as usual, business still goes on. Find likeminded people--those who are also pushing through. Search for those who are on the lookout for your help. This IS different--and that’s okay--the times call for it. Have the initial conversation and find out where your prospects are at! Match them where they are.

Eneida and Anthony discuss a sales funnel--how we can start one, establish it, cultivate it, and eventually compound it. But it all starts with the fundamentals. If you used to talk to 10 people to close a sale, now you may need to talk to 20--but that’s okay! Chances are most of your ratios are not the same. Putting more people in on the front end should be the focus--not the complaining.

They talk about sales leadership and what it means to motivate a team of high-performing sales agents. Scaling motivation is a difficult task, but it has to be done to continue to drive revenue. As a leader, we can’t expect all our team members to be firing at the same time, all the time. Giving your team the tools and the environment they need to win is the first step. The second is to find a team member who is really knocking it out of the park and point to them as an example. Finally, if you haven’t gotten in the trenches with your team, you need to! Asking your team to work extra hard for you only works if you work hard for them. Allowing your team to lead is an incredible way to get ahead. There is no limit to how much can be done when a leader doesn’t care who gets the credit.

Eneida tells us how important it is to understand that even though we are sales leaders, we are human. Getting rid of the ego is the best way to get back to basics and demonstrate your vulnerability. Your team can build their confidence knowing they are just as talented as you are.

So, how and when can you deliver coaching feedback when it’s necessary? Eneida tells us the first thing to be mindful of is to never critique in public. Boosting people so they know they are capable, but asking them to look introspectively at their performance. More often than not, they will come out with possible improvements themselves. From there, setting a timeline can keep your agent on track and gives them a call to action.

Finally, Eneida talks about self-improvement. As leaders, it’s essential that we are constantly looking to better ourselves so we can better mentor, guide, and inspire our team as we work our way through this crisis. Tune in to find out!



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LinkedIn: Eneida Canev