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Catapulting Commissions Sales Talk with Anthony Garcia

Jul 20, 2022

Managing Sales Pipeline to Boost Sales

If you have trouble forming those relationships in pipeline management, you'll listen in today as we discuss Social Selling. 

The easiest way to think about this concept is by teaching sellers to use tools like LinkedIn for business development. Jamie Shanks developed the idea when he noticed that companies were having a hard time doing mundane, mechanical research that you as a seller need to do in identifying every prospect. You know how much time that takes. And you're being paid to drive outcomes, not be a researcher.

So Sales for Life is created to take that off your plate. And they have identified all that intelligence for you by routing it into your CRM as task notifications and new contacts. And that's universally applicable to all salespeople. You love having somebody be that detective and knowing everything about your prospects.

About Jamie Shanks

Jamie is a multi-best-selling author with his books Spear Selling and Social Selling Mastery. He's the CEO of Sales for Life, a successful sales training organization. He's also the CEO of his new venture, Pipeline Signals. Jamie is the resource for transitioning millions of sales professionals from traditional analog to digital selling best practices.