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Catapulting Commissions Sales Talk with Anthony Garcia

Aug 26, 2022

We are back with another micro episode and I’m hyped for we are doing these daily micro episodes 1) To give you immediate value that you can implement in your sales day to day and 2) To let you know about the upcoming Catapulting Commissions Academy Workshop that is launching next week!

So is sales training worth it?

Whether you are a small business owner or a sales professional, you're going to want to listen to this. The average small business organization spends about $2,000 per salesperson on sales training. That's their investment for the year. Now, compare that to other areas of the company, it's significantly less. The problem with setting small or having no investment in sales training is that you’re missing out on something. Because here's the deal about sales training.

If you are a small business owner and every dollar you invest in sales training generates an ROI of 353%. So every dollar that you invest in sales training, you get back $3.53. I mean, holy cow. Show me another portion of your business that you can get that ROI. So is sales training worth it from a business ownership standpoint?

Absolutely. You get a 353% return on your investment. Now for the sales professional and you're an individual contributor. Top-performing sales professionals are more likely to spend time with their sales managers and receive training from outside experts. If you're in the sales industry and you work for a company and you're doing well, chances are you're pretty close to your sales manager. The top 1%, the top elite, also get support from an outside expert.

You, too, get the same ROI as a small business owner on your time invested in sales training. Now, I want to share something with you. We have talked about this data multiple times this week. Forbes believes that more sales reps aren't properly trained. And if you're a company owner and you're still on the fence, read on.

Is sales training right for my team?

Companies that provide a decent sales coaching program will increase their revenue by 10% year over year. And if they do that, they will get a 95% improvement over companies that didn't invest or don't implement sales training and sales coaching. So to answer the question, is sales coaching worth it? Absolutely.

The modern consumer that you're selling to today is not going to buy from you because you're likable. It's not going to happen. Right?

And I want to share that with you. I want to be crystal clear, and tomorrow's episode is the worst advice your sales manager gave you. But this whole mantra people buy from people they like and trust, it's a fallacy. Because it says, if I do this, people will buy. And that's not the whole story.

That story of likability and trust, with all honesty, is developed before you even arrive. So to understand how the modern consumer works, you got to get modern consumer training. You have to get modern consumer accountability, and you have to spend time with the people who are committed to the research to ensure you're at the top of your sales game. Whether it's the Catapulting Commission Sales Academy or another reputable respectable sales trainer, you have to do something. 

Join the sales training

If you're not ready to invest in sales training, listen to the Catapulting Commissions Podcasts for one. I can recommend a few other ones. Shoot me a DM. I'd love to show you some.

You can also read a modern sales book. But do not just sit there and think what you were trained on 20 years ago is still going to work now because it's not. So that's what I got for you. 


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