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Catapulting Commissions Sales Talk with Anthony Garcia

Dec 22, 2021

Welcome back to the Catapulting Commissions Podcast with Anthony Garcia. This week Anthony welcomes Shannon Eckroth. Shannon is the Founder of The Eckroth Sales & Marketing Agency, LLC and has over 10 years of progressive sales and marketing experience including providing coaching, team accountability management, lead generation, marketing services done-for-you, and recruiting sales and marketing professionals from entry-level to executive. Today they’re talking about how to use outbound marketing to find your customer and market directly to them.


Her sales and marketing agency exists to do sales coaching services, but they also do marketing and recruiting where necessary. Though she worked with small businesses when she first launched the agency, the businesses she’s attracting have grown as her business has grown. Now she’s working with sales teams who are in growth mode, who have the capacity and systems in place to handle more leads. 


Even knowing that the average consumer has a short attention span, Shannon doesn’t believe you have to put on a show. She believes consistency and knowing your client avatar are the key ingredients of successful marketing. Showing up over and over– in an authentic way– to educate, inspire, and provide value to your target audience is what’s most important. With the right data, she can help a client reach their target audience at any point in their journey, and speak to them in a way that resonates, leading to more conversions.


Shannon works with clients on a LinkedIn marketing strategy and essentially flips the traditional sales funnel. She doesn’t focus on inbound marketing. That’s where you put your content into the world, hope the right buyers find that content, and then wait for conversion. Instead she does outbound marketing. Outbound marketing puts the narrow part of the funnel at the top. You have to identify and truly understand the people who fit your very deliberate buyer persona. If you go find those people and share your best content, tailoring that content exactly to their needs, it’s far more likely you’ll close. When you reach the right people, educate them, and provide a valuable service, it creates loyalty– and eventually leads to more business through referrals.


Once she overcomes a client’s objective that their potential clients aren’t on LinkedIn (they are), she helps them optimize their profile. It’s not about just uploading a resume and sharing some accolades from your past. The LinkedIn profile has to tell your story. When someone gets a connection request from you, they need to be able to look at your profile and tell immediately if connecting with you is beneficial to them. The most important section to get right is the LinkedIn header because it follows you everywhere on LinkedIn. Use the header to tell them what you do in 10 words or less and how to contact you. 


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