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Catapulting Commissions Sales Talk with Anthony Garcia

Dec 15, 2021

Thanks for tuning into Catapulting Commissions Sales Talk with Anthony Garcia. This week, Anthony welcomes JamieLynn Fajardo-Cota. She has an MBA, is a serial entrepreneur, and is a full-time, home-schooling mama to her two children. With her husband of 14 years, she owns two family businesses, and as a certified life coach, she runs a successful health coaching business of her own. All this while being a lover of Jesus and a servant in her community. Today she and Anthony discuss just how she balances it all.


JamieLynn has a long history in sales– from network marketing to door-to-door sales and everything in between. But it was never just about making money. Instead, it was about building relationships. By doing that, she was able to bring clients with her everywhere she went. After years in the grind, she achieved her goal of exiting the corporate world, and now her top priority is using those finely-honed entrepreneur skills to run her home and family. Then she uses those skills to run her businesses. Of course it’s exhausting, but she loves that she is able to be present with her family while also making meaningful financial contributions to their lifestyle and goals. 


The old adage of “always be closing” doesn’t hold as much weight when you’re running your own business. JamieLynn believes that if you put your integrity in the forefront of everything you do, the close is going to happen. It’s the mission before the commission for JamieLynn. She wants clients to feel valued first and foremost– not like she’s trying to sell them. 


Even with the burden of having to provide financial stability for a family, at the end of the day, the mission is still the most important. Now that she’s in network marketing, she knows if she helps others get what they want, what she wants will follow. This dynamic is more rewarding than her days of closing her own deals in the corporate rat race. It’s no longer sink or swim; it’s about swimming along-side her team, helping them learn the strokes as well.


Juggling so many roles– mom, friend, wife, business owner, community servant– requires intentionality in all she does. JamieLynn is able to find balance by making her physical, mental, and spiritual health a priority. She fills her cup first so that she can fill the cup of those around her. And when it feels like it’s too much, she has a strong support system (the center of which is her husband) to help her put things back into perspective. Her mantra is to have a SYSTEM: Save YourSelf Time, Energy, Money. Having systems in place– and communicating them clearly to those around her– has helped her gain clarity in all her roles. She and her husband have regular family business meetings to make sure all those SYSTEMs are functioning smoothly.


In her health coaching business, her relationship-building muscles come in handy. She creates customer-tailored wellness plans to help her clients achieve their optimal health. That means more than helping people lose 20 pounds or completing a 10K. JamieLynn helps her clients reach optimal wellness in the mind, body, spirit and even in finances. After reading “Atomic Habits” by James Clear, she stopped tying her goals to her specific result. Instead she ties it into her identity. That identity is being in optimal health to serve her clients. 


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