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Catapulting Commissions Sales Talk with Anthony Garcia

Nov 25, 2020

Today, Anthony is taking a moment to pause, reflect, and process the Catapulting Commissions brand’s growth since its launch. In a year that was filled with its fair share of unique challenges, there were some equally incredible moments. In this holiday week’s episode, Anthony shares with us a few things he is thankful for. 


It’s hard to believe that so much growth could happen in such a short amount of time. Since its launch 11 months ago, between book purchases, downloads, podcast downloads, and featured episodes, the Catapulting Commssions message has reached over 100,000 people. It’s a truly humbling metric, and Anthony couldn’t be more grateful. From the start, the mantra has been changing one-person’s life. Everything Anthony does is created for an audience of one and that won’t change. 


Secondly, COVID came with some serious hurdles, but it also provided opportunities. While he wasn’t able to do any public speaking, Anthony was able to pivot into the Catapulting Commissions podcast show and spend more time with his family. Though COVID was absolutely devastating in many ways, it’s important to find good there. 


Expanding the Catapulting Commissions brand has been remarkable. This podcast launched in January of 2020, and because of faithful supports like you, it has seen monumental growth. The first episode had only 11 downloads on launch day. Since then, the show has gotten nearly 10,000 individual downloads. That is because of you. Thank you. 


Next week will be a monologue episode regarding Anthony’s experiencing buying a vehicle and the sales techniques he saw. If you’re purchasing a car or work in car sales, you won’t want to miss it. 


From there, we’re going to go to the Top four downloaded shows to-date. 


In the new year, you’re going to hear from NYT Best-Selling authors, professional athletes, CEOs, and other massive names in the lineup that will change your point of view in sales.


 In 2021, some things will be changing with the Catapulting Commissions show. If you go to the right now, you can get the book for only the cost of shipping. Next year, that community is expanding. Access to resources will be free for a limited time. 


If you send a text message to 661-228-8967 with the word BOOM, you’ll get connected to the Catapulting Commissions community and will get a link to download the ebook for free. You’ll also get free access FOR LIFE to that community. 


Again, thank you for sharing and listening. Be sure to send that text!!


Happy Thanksgiving!