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Catapulting Commissions Sales Talk with Anthony Garcia

Feb 5, 2020

Thanks for tuning in to another episode of the Catapulting Commissions podcast with your host, Anthony Garcia. This week’s episode is the first in the podcast’s interview series, where Anthony sits down to talk strategy, mentality, and more with experts in the sales profession. Today, Anthony has a conversation with an extraordinary person--one you may be familiar with if you’ve had a chance to read the Catapulting Commissions book. Her name is Lauren Gibbs, a conversationalist, sales guru, manager, and yes, silver-medal Olympian.

Anthony and Lauren discuss what it means to be an effective sales team manager and how the skills Lauren has in her arsenal translate between sales and sport. Lauren talks about her background, and how it helped develop expertise in both in-field, in-home sales and as a team leader. She touches on subjects such as “leading by doing” as opposed to “leading by telling.”

Lauren talks about how she was able to make the transition from corporate to bobsledding, and how her drive to be good at something helped her accomplish her massive goals. By leveraging curiosity, she was able to push the sled faster, the get those sales, whatever it takes to be the best.

Anthony brings up how we can install that “hunger” in multiple areas of our lives, and if it is worth doing. Lauren talks about asking for help and learning from those around her. By constantly striving for excellence, Lauren was able to consistently break the glass ceiling time and time again.


What you’ll learn

In today’s episode, you’ll learn what it takes to transition from one area of expertise to another, and what sort of skills Lauren was able to leverage and apply to all aspects of her life. These things include:

Leading by doing, not by telling

Learning from those around you

Maintaining Curiosity

And more!



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Lauren Gibbs: From Boardroom to Bobsled; The Courage to Become an Olympian