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Catapulting Commissions Sales Talk with Anthony Garcia

Nov 4, 2020

Today’s episode is a solo show, where Anthony addresses something on the minds of most, if not all Americans: the presidential election. In a world where two-thirds of American’s are anxious about their vote and the outcome of the election, stress plays a major role in every aspect of our lives. This week, Anthony is talking through how we can overcome and process that stress, especially as a sales leader.


To be clear, whoever wins the election doesn’t have any impact greater than the impact you have on your own life. You are responsible for your own success and your own destiny. Nothing is given, and nothing is free. Democrat or Republican, you have control over your own results. Anyone who tells you differently is lying to you. 


The first thing you can do to not allow the presidential election to have a negative effect on your mind is identifying the worst-case scenario for either outcome. What’s the worst possible case scenario that can happen in your business? Write it out, and really think it through. You might find that it won’t impact you as much as you thought it might. Even if it is, you can build a plan to overcome it. Or maybe there was an aspect of it you hadn’t considered. Either way, sitting down to really think about it rationally will help you zero in on what matters most. 


Be specific when you ask these questions: how do these scenarios impact your work, your business, and your success? 


Now that you’ve identified those worst-case circumstances, it’s important to acknowledge that you have limited control and plan ahead. You can control your own actions, and from there, your plan starts. Failing to plan is planning to fail. There should be no asterisk, plan like normal. Reverse engineer the steps to success and execute. 


Ask yourself what you can do to change that worst-case scenario? When you’ve done that, you’ve just planned your year ’21 business plan because I think you’ll realize one thing: neither of the people running for that office control your business. They’re not going to check in on you. They’re not going to ask you if you’re meeting your quotas. Only you are in control of it. You’re responsible for your own destiny. Take control of it. Don’t give that control to someone else. Remain in control. 


Get rid of negative outlets of information. We talk about your sphere of influence, and what impacts your life--this is no different. Eliminate negative people from your life. They are not going to help you advance professionally, personally, or financially. They suck up your energy, and they don’t deserve it. Social media experts, television experts, you name it. If it is a negative influence, eliminate it. If you can’t, find help with it. Change your network.


Do not allow the presidential election to separate friends and family, loved ones, and customers. The beautiful thing about being in this country is we’re all allowed to have our own opinion. It is okay to tell someone I don’t respect your opinion, but I respect you as a person. There’s a generation of younger kids that are watching how adults are behaving during this presidential election, and we have to model the best possible behavior.