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Catapulting Commissions with Anthony Garcia

Oct 14, 2020

Today’s guest is a tried and true sales guy. Tyler Archer is selling and executing in the digital space is arguably the most unique time for sales. He’s driving his business through the virtual space we’re in, and now he’s helping others navigate that treacherous path as well. He’s been in sales for 15 years in real hand-to-hand combat sales while building a personal brand. He’s going to talk with us today about selling and connecting online. 


In the end, sales professionals are a brand. Tyler was in this game before it became necessary. There will always be a connection between the client and the sales professional. Those referral sources come from a relationship between two individuals. Now that much of sales is pivoting to online, those same relationships are even more important. But that doesn’t come without challenges. 


Tyler talks about the transition from online to in-person and back again. When you’re online, it’s like starting fresh and new. Social selling is a concept that is built on interaction with customers in a digital space. Having conversations online is vastly different than those in person--you’re not knocking on a door with a product to sell anymore. Tyler recommends providing as much value as you can. Your expertise and knowledge are valuable, and potential customers recognize that. Holding back your expertise can become a barrier for a large part of your audience. Sharing that information that you hold builds trust and can address pain points that your customers may be experiencing.


In the world of Social Selling, DMs (direct messages) play an interesting role. Often, you’ll get messages in your inbox asking questions, looking for advice, and more. Tyler talks about getting really clear with whoever messages you on what it is they do and what they’re looking for. From there, he suggests moving outside of social media to a video chat. It’s an important element--discovery calls are almost like a qualifying process. You should be aware that some people will be looking for free direction, but remember that you are a business, and the sales funnel and niche sales areas still have the same impact as offline. Many people don’t think you can make sales through the DMs, but if the opportunity presents itself, why not? It all depends on if the message is hot or cold. Are they ready to buy? It’s worth letting it happen. 


In the realm of outgoing DMs, you have to identify ideal followers. These are people who engage and fall into your niche. Reaching out with a voice or video message builds more trust than a text DM. Offering advice there gives them value immediately. Prospecting followers is a key step in sales, especially online. Look through hashtags to find leads. If you’re getting DMs that are especially relevant, that’s where the gold is. 


In the world of social media, goals are king. Being clear on what you want to accomplish is really important, even when it feels frustrating when you hit walls. It’s a long game, so stay the course and execute. When you first get started, it can be easy to throw your hands up, especially if you’re a high-achiever. Remember that it takes time, and it takes intentional work to build up to where you want to be. Set small goals and identify what’s going wrong so you can grow beyond it. Tyler stays focused through adversity by being sure of where he is and where he wants to be, and yes, setbacks happen, but the purpose remains steadfast. You have to get uncomfortable to get to the next level. When you are vulnerable, you can develop even more credibility and trust with followers, too. 


The process of social selling starts with getting online and having clear intentions. Put things out there without any expectation of return. It’s not about hiding behind a logo--allow your personal brand to grow with you and your audience. From there, producing content that speaks to your target audience while building a community creates a healthy space for potential sales. 

What you’ll learn


On today’s episode, Tyler Archer is breaking down everything Social Selling. In today’s online world, selling takes a special set of skills and demands a unique approach to selling. Tyler shares some challenges, a process, and a mindset that you can use to become more visible. 




Instagram: @TheTylerArcher