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Catapulting Commissions Sales Talk with Anthony Garcia

Jul 22, 2020

Thanks for tuning into the Catapulting Commissions podcast with your host, Anthony Garcia. Today’s show is a little bit different--it’s a monologue. We’re talking Anthony by himself in his office delivering fire directly to your ears. The subject this week is one of the biggest questions entrepreneurs encounter. It’s about sales. Sales professionals have the high-income skillset. However, there are some that don’t know how to drive sales. Anthony is going to break down why it’s important to work in sales in some capacity before you embark on the journey of entrepreneurship.


There are three incredibly important reasons why every entrepreneur should gain experience in sales:

  1. By working in sales, you learn the skill of tenacity. Entrepreneurs are going to be told more than they are told yes. Competition is higher than it has ever been, and it is everywhere. It’s well known that sales is a numbers game. This all starts with making more calls. People are not going to be your friend. When you have to negotiate multiple times, you are building and demonstrating tenacity. 80% of all sales happen after 5 moments of contact, and that number increases the bigger the sale.

  2. A master sales professional is an incredible networker. Networking is an essential tool for entrepreneurship, period. If you’re starting a business, someone has to know your name. Often times there are great ideas that can’t get ground underneath them because the entrepreneur doesn’t know how to network. To become an expert in that, you have to expose yourself to that--sales is the way to do it. You’ll attend meetings, conferences, and more that will connect you with people you’ll be able to build a relationship with. Be a politician for your business--shake hands, kiss babies, and do what you have to do. Trouble starting a conversation? “Hey, I’m Anthony. What is it you do?” It’s that easy.

  3. The art and skill of persuasion is learned through sales. There is no such thing as a “natural” salesperson. The most successful sales professionals practice hard and often. The ability to sway a decision-making process is an essential skill. Remember that this isn’t manipulation. The psychology of sales is simple. They either want to avoid pain or experience pleasure. Your job is to create a picture of pleasure. You learn how to approach that through sales.


What you’ll learn

On this episode, Anthony shares with us three essential skills you learn from sales that you can apply to your entrepreneurial endeavors.