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Catapulting Commissions Sales Talk with Anthony Garcia

Jul 1, 2020

Thanks for tuning in to the second part of Anthony’s value-packed conversation with our guest, Elyse Archer.

Elyse kicks off the conversation by discussing video as it relates to sales professionals. Why should a sales executive, a sales expert, a sales entrepreneur want to create video content? By 2021, 82% of all sales will be made through video content. People are looking online for information and they are watching videos to get the answer they need. Even if you’re not a big video consumer, if you know the majority of your audience is, you want to be in front of them. For Elyse, when she left her position as a partner at a successful company, she immediately found that video content resonated unlike any other tactics of promotion--cold calling, local events, etc. As a salesperson, think about the process of acquiring a sale--would it be easier to constantly try to hunt down prospects, or having a steady flow of inbound leads? When you bring value to your audience, that’s the result. There are three key factors to building trust online: They need to see you, they need to feel like they know you, and they need to learn something from you. Video accomplishes all three.

Elyse shares some of the biggest mistakes she sees people making with video content. A primary one is watching the video before you post it. This opens the door for nit-picking and re-recording. 17 takes later, you realize it’s not worth and you do nothing. Another mistake is trying to script out word-for-word a video. Elyse suggests bullet-points so you can sound more natural and still stay on track. Covering your image can help you maintain eye contact with your audience. Additionally, many people are concerned with the tech it takes to make video content. The truth is, the only tech you need is in your phone.

Elyse touches on who she serves and how she can help cater her coaching to your needs. Tune in to listen to the incredible value Elyse brings to this series!


What you’ll learn

On this episode, Elyse fills us in on why we should invest our effort into video content, the value it brings, and some of the major mistakes she sees people make when they approach becoming visible through video.



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