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Catapulting Commissions Sales Talk with Anthony Garcia

Jun 17, 2020

On the show today is another international guest, this time from British Columbia, Canada. Jenna Faye Madden is a speaker, a podcast host, a retreat facilitator, contributor the Forbes Coaches Council, and CEO of Soul Meets Strategy and New Earth Leadership. Jenna serves her community in her various coaching programs focused on conscious leadership development and aligned business strategy. She specializes in activating your leadership to amplify your business impact and income. Jenna is here to share her tips on how to excel in sales in a digital, online world.

The intention behind Soul Meets Strategy is to help business leaders shift the culture of humanity through merging purpose with the structures and systems, including sales, that it takes to run a successful business. There are a lot of passionate people who aren’t making money, and people making money in an industry they aren’t passionate about. Finding that sweet spot is where growth happens. Regardless of what a person is selling, it should be connected to some level of transformation for the client. When we make it all about us, Jenna says, it results in a low conversion rate. In that digital space, it’s about your audience.

People crave transformation. As a sales leader, you are offering them a pathway to the place they want to be. They have to really believe that you are driving the car that will give them a ride to their goal. You are selling the journey and the destination. By presenting it that way, the sale is simplified. And simpler is better in a digital world.

Sometimes, we need to completely reevaluate and pivot entirely. In a situation like that, the first thing Jenna suggests is getting clear on what it is you’re selling, and make sure you’re aligned on every aspect of your sale. Secondly, nailing down your messaging, both what you’re saying and to whom you’re speaking to, is essential. Talking to your ideal clients is a great way to get a feel for how well your messaging is landing. Get a pulse on your community and meet them where they are.

A primary message in the Catapulting Commissions book is making sure your strategy and your mindset are in lock-step. When we hit resistance, we go back to what we know. Imagine a world where ‘what you know’ and ‘what you do’ were the same thing? What if those overlapped with ‘what you love’? If you can pinpoint where your negative patterns are, you can approach the problem through the lens of alignment.

If you’re consistently hitting an objection, it’s probably because you see it in yourself or you don’t believe yourself. People can stay in a zone of competence and become complacent. This is where leadership growth never stops. This is where we are able to sniff out our own bullsh*t. If people give you a time objection, chances are, it’s because you give yourself a time excuse all the time. You don’t know how to take them further because you’re struggling to get yourself there too. Your business is a mirror of your self!

Jenna talks about her coaching, and how she keeps it simple to find stability and build a foundation for sustainable growth. When people are financially secure, she says, people are able to be more of service. Her programs are based around the mentality that you don’t have to hate what you do to make money, and you don’t have to sacrifice cash-flow to love what you do.

Finally, tune in to hear what Jenna says can upgrade your sales skills exponentially.


What you’ll learn

On today’s episode, Jenna shares with us the importance of balancing your mental wellness and the wellness of your business. She touches on how the soul can meet strategy, why you keep hitting the same walls, and how you get explode your business and achieve financial stability.



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