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Catapulting Commissions Sales Talk with Anthony Garcia

Jun 10, 2020

Today on the Catapulting Commissions podcast, Anthony is chatting with Marie Tremby. Over twenty years, Marie has been a successful multi-site bakery franchisee. She and her husband, Kym, have now been together for over thirty years, raising their two sons. As the case can be for many people around the world, life was always hectic, and overwhelm was a part of each and every day. Marie went on a search to find the skills necessary for retrieving the time and balance she so desperately wanted. She’s on the show today to talk about how she achieved just that, and share her tips and strategies for staying on track.


Marie first shares with us what we can find in her #1 international bestseller, Simple Soulful Successful. She discusses how the hecticness that comes with being a parent and an entrepreneur. There can be an overwhelming amount of responsibility that falls on a single person. That can sometimes lead to shortcomings, both actual and perceived.


There are a few major mistakes she outlines in her book. Most mistakes come back to being out of balance. Either they spend too much time at home and their business fails, or they are too invested in their business to give their family the time they deserve. There needs to be a healthy balance between what we HAVE to do and what we WANT to do. Making a list of both can help physically see what aspects are out of wack.


When you’re out of sync, it can be incredibly frustrating. When that happens, Marie recommends taking a moment to meditate to clear your mind. That can look like a walk around the block or a step outside. When you do that, you create time you didn’t think you had. When you come back to your to-do list, start to plan your week. And if you have too much, trim what you need to to feel balanced again.


Sometimes with business, though, there can be “have-to” items on your list. To bake that into your balanced day, when you plan your week, wake up every morning and put the “have-to” first on your priority list. When other things come up, build them around what you need to have done on a certain day.


Marie talks a bit about rituals. For her, every time something good comes up, she adds it to her rituals. Every day when she makes her list for the day, she chooses 10 rituals she’ll do throughout the day. At the end of the day, she checks to make sure she’s done 10 and does them immediately. Marie’s rituals include reading positive affirmations, mediations, displaying gratitude, and reading. Sometimes she will combine personal and business rituals, sometimes they’ll start at different times, and in different places. The key is planning things that fit into the day ahead. Marie recommends starting with being grateful for the things or people in your life, a meditation, and a healthy smoothie. Additionally, breathing exercises, drinking 8 glasses of water a day, and reading are great places to start. The point is that this is improvement time.


What you’ll learn

In today’s episode, Marie shares with us how we can stay balanced in our personal and professional lives. She shares the impact rituals can have on your day and how we can use them to leverage our happiness.



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