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Catapulting Commissions Sales Talk with Anthony Garcia

Jun 3, 2020

Today on the Catapulting Commissions podcast, Anthony has the pleasure of sitting down with not one, but two guests. Jose and Marisa Ochoa are a married couple who have grown together both as a couple and as entrepreneurs. They’re here to talk about how they changed their financial trajectory together, and how they thrived together in a high-pressure sales-focused industry. Now, they operate the PHP Agency in Ventura, California.


PHP is an agency that provides both product, insurance coverage, and opportunities to become a sales representative with their team. When Jose flipped his big rig, his friend who was already an agent at PHP reached out to him and educated him about things he was never aware of. After he felt the impact his friend had on him in his time of need, Jose decided he wanted to switch career paths and make more money.


When Jose shared his choice with Marisa, she was certainly surprised, but she really enjoyed the information she was shown when Jose was being trained. Being the supportive spouse she is, she decided to stay home and take care of their young child. 6 months later, they attended a convention and she chose to join the team.


Since making the switch, they’ve faced their share of challenges. When you’re in such close proximity to your spouse, things can be complicated. For Jose, it was understanding what it meant to be a partner in business and a partner in marriage. That meant taking care of the house while Marisa was working with clients and vise-versa. For Marisa, she learned that allowing Jose to lead with sales and take in what he already knew would not only allow her to get better at her job but would be better in the long-term for her family. It was about recognizing strengths and allowing them to flourish.


Jose and Marisa talk about their mentorship and their family dynamics. By bringing their kids into their lives and letting them know what they’re doing, there is accountability. If you forget or don’t do something you say you will, they’ll be the first to call you out. They’ll make sure you perform your best.


They discuss three keys to building the positive culture they have at PHP. Jose says it’s important to remember that it’s 1) Family, 2) Faith, and 3), Business--in that order. Their meetings are filled with dancing and fun. They found a way to keep the energy high by keeping perspective. With anything, Marisa reminds us that it’s about leading by example. What people are speaking about speak about it because they have lived the experience. If they can do it, they can teach someone else to do the same thing.


Things you’ll learn

Today, you’ll learn what it takes to be in a healthy, thriving relationship when one or both parties are in sales. Jose and Marisa offer their insight into how to create a positive culture within a company and across sales reps, and how they balance work and life equally.