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Catapulting Commissions Sales Talk with Anthony Garcia

Apr 29, 2020

Have you ever wondered what it would take to run a large-scale organization? Do you ever find yourself asking ‘what does a CEO actually do?’ How do they make dramatic shifts and changes in their company’s culture? How do they lead in times of uncertainty? Today’s guest is an expert on exactly these topics. On the podcast this week is Erin Hatzikostas, prolific speaker, podcast host, and edu-tainer. Through her company, b Authentic inc, Erin is provoking a movement to eradicate the all-too-fake corporate environment by inspiring and enabling an army of people to crush their career, without compromising everything else.


When Erin decided to leave her $500,000/year job, it wasn’t because things were going downhill or that anything was wrong. In fact, things were great. She had great personal equity, financial equity, and she had just turned around a multi-million dollar company. She felt she needed a change, so she made one. She likens it to a mountain range--when you start to get closer to the top of one mountain, suddenly you are able to see all the other ranges and peaking opportunities.

Erin discusses the importance of transparency as a high-level business person and a professional leader. Being upfront with your team can help build rapport with both those who manage you and the team you oversee alike. Be vulnerable, she says, it the best way to do business. It’s about asking what’s working well, what isn’t what we can do about it, and how we can help.


Then, Erica breaks down three tips we can implement in our team to establish a more positive employee culture:

  1. Give up some power. Let a board of directors lead the way.

  2. Invest in Leadership training

  3. Create an ‘inspiration platform’ that allows employees to share what is motivating them.

Erica also talks about the H tenants of authentic leadership:








Tune in to listen to Erin’s expert advice and incredible wisdom!

What you’ll learn

In today’s episode, Erin educates us on what it means to be an authentic leader in today’s world. She shares with us how transparency and vulnerability can help establish meaningful relationships with your team and breaks down strategies we can implement today to establish a positive employee culture.




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