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Catapulting Commissions Sales Talk with Anthony Garcia

Dec 29, 2021

Welcome back to the Catapulting Commissions Podcast with your host, Anthony Garica. This week, Anthony is talking with Brandon Fluharty, a former pro soccer player turned sales veteran. He’s a VP at LivePerson and founder of Be Focused. Live Great. Today he’s sharing how he found success and how he’s passing that on to other top-tier sales professionals. 


Brandon got his start in sales in an unconventional, non-dedicated sales role developing talent of young soccer players on Long Island. From there, he recognized that he had to have an abundance mentality to make things work, so he supplemented his income learning to DJ. That quickly transformed into a sales role, where he started to build his sales career. 


It’s all about creating opportunities and being excited to learn. Brandon insists on falling in love with the process. You have to hustle and have a sort of grit that doesn’t allow you to stop pursuing knowledge. Sales is a craft, and you have to treat it like one. That means putting in the time and effort to improve. 


Brandon is a SaaS sales guru. He got into the space by recognizing, as a marketing and ad salesperson, that things were going digital. So, he adapted and brought his print and television customers into the digital age. He then worked his way up through to Fortune 100 companies. He took a strategic step backward by selling print ads to grow into something much, much bigger. 


The truth is, you’re either learning or you’re earning. Brandon was learning about technology but realized he could be earning more by bringing this information into a solutions environment. He left his now comfortable position to dive into the AI space, understanding that he would be in on the ground floor of a massive market. The moral is, complacency is going to halt progress. 


There are seven steps Brandon looks to when he thinks about his catapult from 200k to 1.5 million in a short period of time. First, get in the right environment to close big deals. Take bets on yourself and have the abundance mindset. Two, be strategic about your account lists. Work within your expertise! Think about companies that will move fast. The third step is this: when you do this, welcome imposter syndrome–it means you’re doing something right. You DO deserve a seat at the table. Four, create a standard that no one else can deliver. Take research seriously! Step five is building a transformational mindset–elevate your sales potential. Six: you can’t do this alone. Put your team in a position where they aren’t doing everything themselves, but free you up to hand the sale off when you need to tag someone in. Finally, step seven is about developing a personal operating system. Think of yourself as a mini CEO and operate in a way that integrates your work and life.